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Hiring a maid service in Austin is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Finding the right maid service is a priority for every household. Families are nowadays busier than ever and desire to come home to a clean house. This is often next to impossible for many families who keep sacrificing the activities they enjoy to instead spend their weekends cleaning the home. This pain that every family feels was one of the reason we started Maids Around Town here in sunny Austin, TX.


Finally, you can simplify your life and rely on a professional maid service in Austin, which will take care of your home while you put your feet up and relax. At MaidsAroundTown, we understand that nowadays it’s hard to enjoy the little time you have. We are proud to offer flexible and completely customizable cleaning plans tailored to your schedule. Whether you need your house cleaned top-to-bottom or you only need your bathrooms scrubbed down, our maid service in Austin can do it all at an affordable price. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. we have been delivering the highest quality maid services in Austin for a for years.



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Whether you are hosting a big party, a special event or you just feel like your appliances need some scrubbing and cleaning, you can let our maid service in Austin take care of anything. Our expertise in cleaning does not only involve sweeping and scrubbing – we always make sure to make everything is sparkling when you come home.


Don’t forget, we’re insured & bonded. All of our maids also go through an extensive screening process to ensure you can trust the person in your home.


Do not let the little things take up the most of your time! Get rid of all the cleaning and hire a professional maid service in Austin to make your home sparkle!

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