10 cleaning products that your maid should never use

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10 cleaning products that your maid should never use   In order to keep their homes clean, spotless, shining and most importantly hygienic, homeowners must use and rely on advanced and high-quality cleaning products and supplies. This will help them in getting rid of the grime, dirt, dust and germs from their abodes. However, many homeowners tend to use toxic based cleaning products and solutions, which are both dangerous and harmful for their overall health and home environment. Frequent usage of harsh and toxic chemical based cleaners results in severe sickness and health hazards. So, if you wish to reside in a tidy and sanitized house, then make sure you use eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products only. Here, find out more about the 10 cleaning products that your maid should never use for cleaning your homes.  
  1. Alkyphonl ethoxylates: Cleaning products that contain Alkyphonl ethoxylates or APEs and their derivatives are used in a wide variety of home cleaners. However, they can result in severe health problems and diseases. According to several reports and studies, APEs have the ability to mimic hormonal estrogen, which further causes breast cancer.
  2. Bleach: Your maid should never combine cleaners containing ammonia with bleach or other chlorine based products and dishwashing detergent as they produce dangerous fumes, which can further affect your health and home environment in a negative way.
  3. Ethelyne diaminetetraacetic acid: Using cleaning products that are made up of Ethelyne diaminetetraacetic acid and its derivatives can lead to serious health issues and problems such as lung or asthma problems.
  4. Corrosive Chemical Products: Many cleaning products combine corrosive and harmful chemicals such as Ammonia, Lye and Chlorine bleach together. These chemicals cause irritation to the throat, lungs, nose and eyes as they release dangerous and toxic gases every time one uses them.
  5. Feather dusters: Your maid should avoid using feather dusters, as they are capable of cleaning homes only partially. They do not get rid of dust and dirt in the manner a vacuum cleaner or other cleaning equipments can.
  6. Diethanolamine and triethanolamine Products: Your cleaning maid should also not use products that contain diethanolamine (DEA) and triethanolamine (TEA). These chemicals are neurotoxic, which means they can cause massive damage to your nervous system and brain.
  7. Non–microfiber cloth: Never give your maids non-microfiber cloths to clean and tidy the surface of your house or your belongings. They are not at all hygienic and do not clean as effectively as a micro-fiber cloth.
  8. Newspapers: Make sure your maid does not use newspapers for cleaning the glasses, chairs and benches in your home. This is because newspapers have a tendency to leave lint and streaks behind and also rubs off on trimming and molding, making the cleaning task all the more difficult and tedious.
  9. 2-butoxyethanol: This is one of the primary ingredients used in window and home cleaning products. However, several reports claim that frequent inhaling of the gases released by 2-butoxyethanol can result in throat problems, pulmonary edema, kidney and liver damage. Homeowners, with confined or small houses should avoid products that contain the above ingredient.
  10. Sodium Hydroxide: Popularly used for cleaning ovens and drains, sodium hydroxide based cleaning products are highly corrosive in nature. In fact, when it comes in contact with your skin or eyes, it can result in acute burns and throat problems for several days.

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Make sure you always ask what products the maid will be using. If they cannot provide you with detailed information about the cleaning products we recommend not hiring the maid service as it's a red flag that they're not a qualified maid service.

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