Policies and Terms of Service



  1. Booking Process
    One-Time and Recurring cleanings are booked according to our Standard Cleaning Checklist, and the allotted time frame is based on the size of your home.

    Recurring: Once we have determined the recurring time frame needed, we will suggest additional time on the first visit for a deeper cleaning, this is optional and will help ensure your cleaning professional is able to keep up with the ongoing maintenance during the future cleanings.
    Move-Out Cleans: Are booked according to our Move Out Cleaning Checklist, and the allotted time frame is based on the size of your home. Due to the nature of the cleaning, we can customize move-out cleanings and will not book less time than is typically necessary for the size of your home.
    Every effort will be made to complete your expected services within the time allocated. Please note that each home is different, and if the professionals are unable to complete your cleaning within the amount requested/scheduled we will call you to authorize more time. Additional costs must be agreed upon before we proceed with the work.  
    Review our checklists here: https://maidsaroundtown.com/certified-cleaning-checklist/2. Booking Policies
    We require a minimum of 2 hours to book our Standard Services, if you have opted to book less time than we have quoted for your home we will require a task priority list from most important to least. Please keep in mind that our professionals can do their best within the time they are allowed, therefore we are unable to honor our same quality guarantee when limiting the professionals’ allotted time.  

    We do not guarantee you will get your full deposit back or pass an inspection for move-out cleanings. Each landlord or property manager may require different specific tasks to be completed upon your move out. Our checklist has been created based on many years of experience, however, we suggest that you speak with them after booking to ensure what we offer is in line with their expectations. We may not be able to book a move-out cleaning if you have less than 5 days to turn in keys.

    3.Quality Guarantee
    We strive to exceed your expectations for quality services. Our Cleaning Professionals are instructed to inspect their work before leaving your home. We do our best to ensure your professionals stay the full time you have allotted them, if they have completed their Standard Cleaning or requested Tasks they are encouraged to go above and beyond by doing something extra for you. We will only reach out for permission to leave early once we have confirmed that they have completed something extra and triple-checked their work.

    If you are present we ask that you inspect the cleaning prior to them leaving as well. If you see something they need to fix please let them know for immediate attention. Occasionally and without direct intention our professionals may miss something. If you were not home and find something is not satisfactory please report it to our office within 24 hours. We will schedule a re-do free of charge based on the tasks needed within 5 Days of the original visit.
    We are unable to offer refunds but will do our best to correct any mistakes that were made.
    We will not be able to schedule a redo after 24 hours have passed.

    4. Scheduling
    We understand that you are busy, and last-minute occurrences may arise suddenly. If it is necessary to cancel, reschedule or skip we ask that you let us know at least 2 days prior to your scheduled visit. We send automated emails the week before your next scheduled visit, a first courtesy text 2 days prior, and a final courtesy text with confirmation the day prior.

    Requests for cancellation/ reschedule after the first courtesy reminder text (2 days prior) has been sent will incur a $25 fee. If we receive notice after your final text reminder has been sent, it will be necessary to charge you 50% of your cleaning fee. Lastly, If we arrive at your scheduled visit and are turned away or can not access the home it will be necessary to charge you 100% of your cleaning fee.

    Our professionals do not have access to change their assigned job times, therefore, Schedule changes may not be made through the professionals at any time. Please contact us directly for any changes you need. Including if you need them to arrive sooner or later the day of, as this may affect their other assignments on their schedules. We will always do our best to accommodate your requests. 

    Recurring service is priced at a discounted rate. Should you choose to cancel recurring service or continuously reschedule after only one cleaning, please note that our regular One-Time cleaning charge will apply and the difference will be charged to the card we have on file without notice. We can only allow up to 1 reschedule request from the first cleaning to the second.

    We pride ourselves in being as flexible as possible, however, to ensure a quality service for all valued clients we cannot promise an exact arrival for each visit.
    Arrival windows allow our scheduling team to handle all variables of each day and each home without breaking any promises.
    Our professionals work between the hours of 8 am – 6 pm. You will not receive a specified arrival time until the day before your scheduled cleaning, this is sent via text confirmation by 11 am.

    As of August 2021, the continued impact COVID has had on recruiting efforts we are requesting that all reschedule and cancellation requests be kept to a minimum as we have a much smaller team than usual. If you do need to reschedule, you will be placed on a waitlist for the next available slot. We will note your preferences, but can not promise we will be able to accommodate. 

    We offer the following arrival windows for all recurring or one-time services. Please keep in mind issues may arise that may cause tardiness such as car trouble, traffic, etc.. that is out of your professional’s control. If this is the case we will inform you right away

    – AM Flexible 8 am – 11:30 am
    – PM Flexible 12pm and after
    – Full Flexible: 8 am- 4:30 pm

    5. In-home Time (Labor Hours)
    Generally, our service providers work in teams of one or two. Please note that, when more than one individual is assigned, the quoted time required to complete the job, which was given to you in labor hours, is reduced. For example: If you were scheduled for a five-hour labor cleaning and two professionals are assigned, the total in-home cleaning time is then 2.5 hours.

    6. Preferred Professionals
    We will always strive to have the same staff members clean your home or office on a regular basis. However, we simply can not guarantee this. Due to vacation, illness, other personal commitments, and/or departure from the company Broomly Services may need to provide a replacement Cleaning Pro at any time.

    7. Access

    The most preferred and convenient method of entry is to leave a key hidden on the day of your cleaning. This can be in any spot of your choosing, simply let us know and we will add it to the notes on your account. We suggest a lockbox for the best safety. We do not allow our professionals to take keys or fobs from you.
    If you live in a community with a property management office you can give them permission to release a key to our professionals on the day of. They will hold an ID until it is returned. Keep in mind the time the offices close, so the professional has time to complete your cleaning and return the key.

    9. Parking
    Our clients are responsible for ensuring we have proper parking instructions and spaces. If you live in a neighborhood with restrictions and/or a building that must provide parking passes we need to know accordingly.

    11. Payment
    The only form of payment accepted is debit/credit card. A valid card must be on file at all times to secure your slot on the schedule. Gratuity is always appreciated but is not required. If you choose to add a gratuity for your assigned professionals via card it will be charged separately from your cleaning service charge. Gratuity may also be provided to your professional directly via cash.
    Payment for services rendered will be run automatically by the billing department on the evening of your most recent visit. *A $25 fee will be applied for payments declined after a single 48 hour period. If we are unable to capture payment up to one week prior to your next visit, your account will be on hold until payment is captured successfully.

    12. Unsafe Environments
    Safety is our top priority when our Professionals are inside your home. If they report any of the following or they personally feel unsafe/uncomfortable we will request reasoning and supporting evidence (such as photos). Management will review this right away and if deemed unsafe we will alert you and have them leave immediately. Homes not serviceable upon arrival will be subject to a full charge. 
    -Overwhelming presence of spiders, harmful insects, maggots, or rodents.
    -Overwhelming presence of mold (any type)
    -Presence of human or animal bodily excretions (feces, blood, vomit, strong urine/ammonia odor) 
    -No power or running water
    -Physical or verbal abuse from the client and or anyone present in the home

     To avoid this, we ask that you inform us of all necessary information regarding the condition of the home at the time of booking to ensure we are the right service for you.
    For their safety and to comply with OSHA regulations, our professionals are prohibited from using ladders other than a small 2-step stool and are required to wear shoes in the home.

    13. Tasks/Areas not included in our service 
    -Outside Windows
    -Deep grout Cleaning
    -Taking care of pets (including excrement pick-up, litter boxes, feeding, etc..)
    -Human feces outside the inside of the toilet bowl
    -Anything that can’t be reached with an extendable duster
    -Moving out heavy furniture such as couches and appliances 
    -Ironing or putting away clean laundry in drawers/closets
    -Garages, sheds, or other non-air conditioned areas
    14. Supplies
    Maids Around Town allows high-quality, tested, and approved products or cleaning tools. All cleaning professionals will arrive at all scheduled assignments with their own items unless specified otherwise on your account. If you have specific items that you would like us to have used, we ask that you provide them on each visit and let us know so we can note your account. There is a $7 supply fee for all cleaning visits, and this allows us to reimburse our professionals for their chemical needs.

    15. Damages/Breakage
    We know that accidents happen, and we entrust all of our professionals to disclose any that may occur while they are cleaning. 

    Maids Around Town is not responsible for damage due to faulty or improper installation of items. Please inform us of any items in your home that require this type of attention. 

    16. Damage Claim Process
    If an item is valued up to $100, we will reach out to you for specific details and order a replacement or discount. For Example, a Professional was cleaning a glass dish and accidentally dropped it. We will gather the information needed and offer to order a replacement, or apply a discount for the valued amount. 

    Damages that occurred to household fixtures will need to first be reviewed by a professional service technician. We will honor the same $100 value for you to schedule a service call with the company or handyman of your choice to understand the issue. If you schedule a one-time cleaning we will mail you a check within 48 business hours.

    If the technician can easily fix it by replacing a part we will cover up to an additional $50. We will file an insurance claim on repairs or replacements of more than $100. Please note, once we have submitted our claim it may take 48-72 business hours for us to receive a response.

    In the event, you decide to not move forward with our process (i.e. not willing to wait for the service tech repair, You assume all responsibility and no further claim or part replacement will be completed on our end. We will not deduct the price of your cleaning in lieu of completing a proper damage claim.

    17. Pricing Disclosure
    Because our costs of doing business may rise at any time, we reserve the option to adjust our cleaning rates on any basis that falls within our need. We will give as much notice as possible whenever this happens. Please understand we take very seriously how any increase affects our clients and do so only when there is no other option.

    2021 Update: Due to the impact, the COVID-19 Pandemic has had on our overall business we have made the tough decision to raise pricing for all past, present, and future clients. We will continue striving to offer the most reasonably priced services in your area the best that we can.