How to clean a bedroom

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Your guide to getting the clean get-a-way room in your home that you’ve always wanted.

how to clean a bedroom

A bedroom is a haven to everyone whether the room is small or large. However, how do you feel when your bedroom is messy when you get home after a long day? Whether you are trying to learn how to stay clutter-free, or simply trying to maintain your oasis in between your regularly scheduled maid service, here are some simple facts on how to keep your bedroom cozy and comfortable. Follow these, and you are sure to have peace of mind.


Simple tasks to follow daily:

  • Making your bed right when you wake up, this seems like a small senseless task but it can really make all the difference to how you start your day!  
  • Tidy up loose items around your room. By putting away clothes, jewelry, magazines, newspapers, and small items daily you save yourself from the never-ending cycle of clutter build up.
  • Dusting is a great way to keep your room feeling fresh, and not so dingy. Once a week use a slightly damp towel to dust all surfaces. If you get those pesky cobwebs use an extendable dusting tool (or broom!) to knock them down before vacuuming


Mattress and Linens: How important is it to wash & change regularly?

Every day you sleep on the same sheets and pillows. While you sleep, you might drool and sweat. Also, while you are sleeping, your bed is collecting skin cells, body oil, dirt, and germs. Greasy, dirty fabric can not only cause skin problems, acne, allergies but may eventually lead to bed bugs if left too long. It is ideal to wash the sheets and pillowcases once a week, however, every other week is perfectly fine.
Before washing your sheets and pillowcases, check the label on them to follow washing instruction. For difficult stains, adding a small amount of vinegar or baking soda to your wash may help. If you can, dry them in the sun to kill bacterias. Bedding laundry not only makes you feel better while you are sleeping but also gives you a great start to your day!

In addition to your linens, a mattress also collects dead body skin cells, dust, dirty residue, and so on. It’s a good place for bacteria to grow and live. Every few months, for best results, while you are washing your linens, sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda on the mattress. Let it sit for a while to absorb bad smells. 20 minutes is plenty, you’ll then use your vacuum hose to suck the baking soda back up. Also flipping the mattress every 3 months is recommended.


Carpet: Just how dirty does it get?

Proper carpet care is needed to ensure a healthy home. It is recommended that vacuuming carpet should be done at least once a week. Best carpet cleaning products depend on the material carpet is made from. Follow the label guide not to make harm to your carpet. Too much cleaning chemical or water can be a problem so that the right amount of product is important. It’s common to use too much product. It needs more rinsing process, therefore, you will spend more time to dry it. Remember a balance between cleaning products and water rinsing or call to professional carpet cleaners.


how to clean a bedroom


Since your Bedroom is the place where you start and finish each day, you need to keep the balance of keeping it clean to feel refreshed. Following these few tasks regularly can really make a huge difference. For more tips on how to keep your home clean and organized follow our blog!


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