Top 10 Reasons Not to Hire a Maid on Craigslist

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Although hiring individual cleaners via Craigslist is typically cheaper than hiring a professional maid service, remember that you usually get what you pay for. There are some very good reasons why you should not hire a maid off of a Craigslist ad, and go for a maid service instead.   First, and most important, is the fact that most individuals are not insured. This means that if they break or steal something, you will have to go through your homeowners insurance to get it replaced or repaired.   Second, they are not usually bonded, so this also puts you at risk as the homeowner.   Third, individuals may not use the right cleaning products for your home. Using poor quality products can damage your furniture and floors over time, costing you hundreds of dollars in repairs/replacements.   Fourth, reliability is another big reason not to hire a maid on Craigslist. If they are sick, or their child is sick, they won’t be able to clean. This means you’re stuck with a messy house until the next time they’re scheduled. This can be extremely inconvenient. You can rely on a maid service to always have an alternate person on hand, so you can still get your home cleaned.

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The fifth reason it’s not a good idea to hire an individual is that in most cases, they are not trained properly. They are just looking for some extra money each month, with no idea of how to really clean. A maid service puts all of their employees through a rigorous training program, so they can truly say they are qualified.   Sixth, individuals may not be legal residents, and not eligible to work in the country. This can have dire consequences for you if they are caught. Also, individual maids generally have no guarantee of service. If something isn’t done to your specification, you have no recourse on getting it done right. A maid service will have a guarantee in writing. If something isn’t done properly, they will come back and clean until you are completely satisfied.

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