Top 10 Reasons Why Maid Services Actually Save You Money

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Many people believe that hiring a maid service is too much money; however, the opposite is actually true.

Many people believe that hiring a maid service is too much money; however, the opposite is actually true. There are many reasons why a maid service can save you money and make your life easier. The first reason is that time equal’s money. Have you ever thought about how much your time is worth? Chances are that it is worth much more than what you would pay a maid service. The second reason is that you’ll save money by not having to stock up on cleaning products. A maid service comes to your home equipped with everything they need to clean your home, so you don’t have to worry about keeping anything in stock. Third, is that when you don’t have to do the cleaning yourself, you have more time to spend with your family – and that is priceless! If you suffer from allergies, you can breathe easy. Maid services use professional-strength cleaners that get rid of allergens and dust mites, saving you money on prescription and over-the-counter allergy medication.   Fifth, having your home cleaned can lessen your stress. Imagine knowing that your home is being cleaned while you’re at work. Less stress can save you from potential health issues down the road, thus saving you hundreds of dollars in medical costs. If you work from home, or are self-employed, having a maid service can give you a much-needed tax write-off. You may be able to claim a portion of your home that they clean. Many personal maids don’t do this, as they like to be paid in cash and do not give receipts. Some people think that hiring an independent maid (a cleaning lady not associated with a service) is cheaper. This is incorrect, and can actually cost you more money. Hiring a cleaning service will save you money over hiring an independent maid because there are no tax implications. If you pay your cleaning lady more than $1700 per year, you are responsible for claiming the taxes associated with that cost. A maid service takes care of all of that.    

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Reason number eight is that you don’t have to worry about something being lost or stolen, because maid service employees are bonded and insured. If a cleaning lady that you hire personally breaks something, you are responsible for paying to replace it. With a professional maid service, you don’t have to worry about hiring illegal immigrants, which could end up costing you hundreds of dollars in fines. A maid service does a thorough background check on all of their employees before hiring them. The tenth reason that hiring a maid service over an individual is quality. Maid services employees go through a rigorous training program and know how to clean a home professionally. If you don’t like the work, simply call them back and they will re-clean it. With an individual maid, the quality could be shoddy and they don’t carry any sort of guarantee in case you don’t like their work. They simply take your money and go home.

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