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You may think that hiring a cleaning lady off of an online bulletin board like Craigslist will save you money, but that simply isn’t true. The fact is, you should always use a professional maid service that hires people that can be bonded and insured. First, you will know that employees of a maid service hire only those people who are in the country legally. Many ads found on online bulletin boards are by illegal immigrants who are looking for quick cash. Second, you are protected against your belongings being stolen. If something goes missing, you won’t have to bother your insurance company; the cleaning company will compensate you accordingly. Third, you have peace of mind knowing that all of your belongings are safe and sound. It is very rare that something would get stolen, because of the extensive background checks that are done on each and every employee. The employees are the responsibility of the company, not you. Every person that comes in to your home is trustworthy.   Fourth, if an insured and bonded cleaner gets injured in your home, you won’t be personally responsible. Insurance will ensure that the worker gets taken care of. You don’t have to worry about hiring a lawyer and potentially losing your life savings! Fifth, companies with bonded and insured employees also typically have a work guarantee. So if you’re not satisfied with their work, they will come back at a time that is convenient for you and redo the cleaning at no cost to you. Sixth, you can rest assured that all of the cleaners that enter your home have been subject to a comprehensive background check.  These checks help to ensure that the people who enter your home have not been convicted of theft or other crime in the past. You don’t have that kind of assurance with cleaners that you hire from online bulletin boards like Craigslist. That’s why many of them prefer to be paid in cash; so they won’t have to claim income, or answer to any third party.    

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Another important reason to hire professional cleaners who’ve been bonded and insured is that you know your cleaner will not enter your home unless it’s cleaning day – never any other time. Keys are dropped off at the main office until your scheduled cleaning. Eighth, is that you know the work will be fully completed. The cleaners will not leave in the middle of washing your floor or cleaning your bathroom. Ninth is the fact that you don’t have to worry about carrying extra home insurance. This alone could save you hundreds of dollars a year. Tenth, you won’t have to hire a lawyer if something gets stolen or if your cleaner gets injured. This is all covered under the company’s insurance. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that the cleaners in your home are there to leave your home sparkling clean, not rummage through your jewelry drawer looking for your grandmother’s diamond ring.    mandamus.

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