10 Things You Should Ask When Hiring A Cleaning Service

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There’s nothing like walking into a squeaky clean and comfortable house. However, home cleaning is a time-consuming and tough task and requires a great deal of planning and execution. Right from getting rid of filth and dirt to removing cobwebs, dust and garbage, cleaning a home can be messy and tedious, which is precisely why one must hire a company that offers professional cleaning services. Here, find out the top 10 things that you must ask before hiring a cleaning service company.
  1. What type of services you perform?
Your cleaning service company should offer a variety of services such as kitchen, bathroom, room and patio cleaning. Apart from this, their cleaning experts should also be adept at offering wall washing, fan& ceiling cleaning, window washing, cabinet & furniture cleaning among other services.
  1. How Much Time Have You Spent in the Cleaning Industry?
Before confirming any cleaning company, make sure you have gathered enough background details about it. It is impertinent that you find out more about the company and the duration for which it has been around and their success and failure ratio.
  1. What if my belongings get damaged or broken?
Don’t forget to check whether the cleaning company is insured or not as in the event of any accident or damage, the company will pay for the repair or replacement of your belongings and items.
  1. Does Your Company Have Insurance?
Never hire a cleaning service company that does not comply with the law and has no  insurance in place. Remember, any severe injury caused to the cleaning staff and maids during the cleaning procedure can land you into trouble (unless they have insurance).
  1. What is Your Procedure for Hiring Your Cleaning Staff?
It is vital that the company you hire performs a reference check and background & criminal records check before they hire a cleaning professional. Ideally, their staff should provide relevant ID proofs as that helps in ensuring whether their record is clean or not.
  1. What About Quality Assurance?
Find out whether the company utilizes appropriate measures for offering quality services or not. Typically, the company should perform frequent quality checks and surveys via phone and emails to improve their procedures and quality of work further.
  1. How can you help if I find Your Services Unsatisfactory?
Your cleaning service company should satisfy you to the fullest when it comes to offering a host of cleaning services. However, many offer a discount or reduce charges in their next round of services, if they have failed to clean your homes to your satisfaction.
  1. Who will offer the supplies and equipments?
Choose a cleaning company that offers equipments and supplies on their own. This will help you minimize your costs pertaining to acquiring supplies and also ensure that you enjoy hassle-free cleaning service.
  1. What type of supplies and tools do you Use?
It is important to have knowledge around the tools and supplies the cleaning company uses. A professional cleaning company uses green cleaning supplies, microfiber and commercial quality products and solutions.
  1. Do You Provide a Free Estimate?
A good cleaning service company should provide you with a free of cost cleaning estimate. This will help you decide on your budget and acquire desired cleaning services company.

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