6 Cleaning Tips That Pet Owners Should Know

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Pet owners have many different things to think about for their pets apart from taking care of their residues. So here are some cleaning tips that pet owners may utilize when it comes to cleaning up little guys’ messes!

I. Pet Hair

To remove pet hair from furniture, drapes, or other fabric-covered items, there are two great cleaning tips to use.

  • First is to use rubber gloves. All you have to do is to slightly dampen a glove on your hand and sweep the fabric with it. Hair will ball up and be easy to pick up. Wash and dry gloves between uses. Then, you won’t suffer from your dogs’ or cats’ excessive hair fall outs anymore.
  • The second one is more like a fundamental. You just vacuum hair from your pets! Don’t use a just regular vacuum cleaner, because it could hurt them, but use special grooming tool that can be attached to the tip of the vacuum cleaner. You attach it to your vacuum cleaner and it removes hair directly from your dog or cats before it shed around your home. Collected hair is then sucked straight into the vacuum. It’s said to be more comfortable for your pets than a standard brush, and it also removes dead skin cells as well as loose hair – collecting allergens and stopping them spreading around the home. It sounds fantastic if you own a dog with medium to long hair then make sure you check it out.
  • Lint Roller could be another good alternative. Unless you want to spend your days picking dog hairs off your outfit. While some people like to use rolls of scotch tape, a quality lint roller is inexpensive and worth its weight in gold. Prepare a large one at home for clothes, pillows and soft furnishings; and then a smaller version in the car for last minute touch ups.

II. Pet Drools

It is usually exclusively applicable to dog owners, not cat owners, and it’s about pet drools. There are some dogs who drool too much than the regular amount, and there’s a stylish and cool yet also super effective tip.

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  • Wear your dog a doggie bandanas! For excessive droolers, nothing works better than a doggie bandana – plus it keeps them looking good in the process. Simply slide on when needed. It will keep their drool off their fur and your furnishings, and when it gets too wet you can just chuck it in the wash with the rest of your washing load. They look so cute with these bandanas! You should definitely try this.

III. Pet Stains and Odors

  • When dealing with toilet training accidents, quick work and a simple cleaning solution do the trick.
    First, blot dry the stain, then apply a solution of equal parts water and white vinegar with a couple squirts of gentle dishwashing soap. Slowly dab to bring the stain out, and allow to air dry. It’s a good idea to trial the cleaning solution on an indistinguishable spot first to ensure it’s compatible with your carpet or furnishing.
  • Whether you use scented candles, linen sprays or air fresheners – room deodorizers are a must when living with pets. Try to ensure at least once a week you open as many windows as possible to air out your home and bring fresh air in. Then quickly go throughout your home armed with a spray or light a candle for a good period to keep your home smelling fresh and clean.

These are the 6 cleaning tips for pet owners to utilize, and hope y’all can cherish your time and spend more quality time with your pets thanks to this cleaning tips!




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