Are you using your broom incorrectly?

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Broom-810x607Are you using your broom incorrectly?

Really? You are probably thinking, is there really a way to use my broom correctly? How bad can I be sweeping? Well, you can reflect on your technique after reading this article. Hopefully, you can learn a few new tricks or refresh your memory on some old ones.

Everything seems to start by having the right equipment in hand. Apparently, the ideal length of a broom is from the floor to the bridge of your nose. So, when that is settled, you can move on to using some techniques to maximize your cleaning duty and minimize any afterward aching. In fact, your body should be in an upright position to avoid fatigue and backache.Use the right type of broom for the right surface. You will use a different type of brooms for a concrete flooring vs a wood flooring. Make sure the area you are about to clean is clear of obstacles, this will make your task much easier. Make sure you also have the appropriate type of broom to reach the corners of the room you’re cleaning. Obviously, collect all debris and dust into a pile, and use the dust pan to collect it. Repeat the operation as many times as you need to be satisfied with the area cleaned.

Here are also some cleaning tips for your broom:

  • Don’t use your broom when it’s filthy. Clean it first. Actually, you should really make it a habit of putting it back in storage clean, so it’s ready to be used each time. However, if it’s not the case, before stating your sweeping session, go shake it off outside.

  • If however, your broom is due for a deeper cleaning, use a hot soapy solution for your straw ones or hot water and bleach for your nylon ones. Let it dry outside in both cases after rinsing.

  • If you just purchased a new broom made of straw bristles, you should think about soaking it salt water for a while, it will apparently prolong its life.

  • A good idea is also to store your broom off the floor (on a hook for example) to avoid bending the bristles.

  • Finally, don’t forget to clean the dust pans as well frequently.

When you see someone using their broom incorrectly, just point them to these simple tips to keep any house clean.

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