Easiest way to clean your stove burners

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Easiest way to clean your stove burners

First of all, it is important to find your owner’s manual or look up online instructions that might be specific to your stove. Maybe there is a particular way to remove the burner’s coils or grates, and you should follow the guidelines to avoid any unnecessary damages to your electric stove. Once you have done so, make sure your stove is totally cooled down and remove the famous burners you are about to clean. Set them aside on your counter top, and make sure to protect the counter to avoid any scratches. And then, it’s time to choose your favorite cleaning homemade solution.

Baking Soda

This ingredient will certainly be a great help in cleaning your burner’s coils. Mix a little water with baking soda to form a paste, it will become an effective abrasive. Let it sit for approximately 20 minutes and then scrub with a sponge or other cloth. Rinse off.


If you are using ammonia, apparently the most efficient way is to purchase large Ziploc bags and place the burners inside with the ammonia. Use just a small amount of ammonia per burner and let it sit 24 hours. Let it work for you. You might be amazed. You will have very little scrubbing to do the next day once you remove the burners out of the bags.


Mixed with baking soda, this ingredient will somehow give that polish or glow back to your burner’s coils. Try it as a routine cleaning or after a deep cleaning of your burner’s as the finishing touch. You might just adopt it. You will make a paste with both ingredients and scrub away.

Dishwasher soap

Finally, dishwashing soap can also be used. Pour some dishwashing soap and water in a bowl and soak in a cloth or a sponge. Then start scrubbing. It is not the most efficient solution listed in his article, but you can use it as an alternative.

Always make sure your burners are completely dry before putting them back in place.

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