How to Best Clean Cookie Sheets

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How to best clean cookie sheets to make them look almost like new

I am sure you have thrown away some cookie sheets before thinking there was nothing you could potentially do to make them usable again. I have a good news for you. You can give a makeover to your cookie sheets or other bakeware and avoid having to spend additional money so often. I am not saying your cookies sheets will look brand new, but you can get more life out of them. Here are a few successful ideas.

Peroxide & Baking Soda

Combine both ingredients and make a paste. Apply on your cookware and scrub with a steel wool. You should really wear rubber gloves to avoid undesirable reactions on your skin. To avoid having to scrub too long and hard, put the peroxide and baking soda in the pan and let it soak for a few hours before starting your work.

Vinegar & Cream of tartar

It does not seem as efficient as baking soda, and truly it is more expensive. However, when those two ingredients are combined, you will be happily surprised of how much it will change the appearance of your cookies sheet.

Cola (Soda)

Whatever soda you have on hands is what you can try. Simply pour the soda on the bakeware needing some cleaning and let it settle, you will be amazed on how well and quick some of the stains will be lifted. Now, after this, you might think twice after pouring yourself a glass of cola…

Oven cleaner

This is not a favorite of mine because oven cleaners are so high in toxicity. It is one of the methods however that could help you clean some of the dough stains on your cookies sheet.

Remember that you can avoid considerably creating dough stains on your bakeware. First of all, always try to let your bakeware soak when dirty and remove right away any stains from using it. Also, use some parchment paper on top of your baking sheets, especially if you are cooking food like fish for example. Follow these simple steps on how to best clean cookie sheets for a cleaner kitchen and let others know if they have dirty almost unusable cookie sheets!

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