How to Best Clean Oven Glass

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How to Best Clean Oven Glass

There is no point in having a window in your oven door if the glass is so filthy you cannot see through it. How will you know if your cake is rising nicely or if your roast is burning if you cannot see through the door? Common sense says that you could open the door and peek, but that would let out precious heat, which is a waste of resources. Instead, by keeping your oven glass clean, you will save yourself time, money, and many delicious meals.

The Power of Degreaser
Repeated oven use, for baking, broiling, roasting, and braising, will result in a buildup of grease and debris on your oven door window. A majority of this grease will build up over time from the protein-rich foods that are prepared inside the oven. However, use of fats, oils, and cooking sprays will also lead to a grease buildup. As the grease collects on the glass and is then heated and reheated, the film begins to turn brown or black.

One of the most common ways to clean the glass of an oven door is to use a store bought degreaser. These sprays, which are often caustic, should be handled with care. Each manufacturer will have specific instructions for product use. Make sure that any of these degreaser products are used in a well-ventilated kitchen, and while wearing gloves for safety. In most cases, the chemicals will need time to sit on the problem area, before they can be wiped off. It should also be noted that the oven should be turned on and heated while empty after the degreasing process, to ensure that any residual chemicals or odors are baked away before placing food in the oven.

Nothing Beats Elbow Grease
If harsh chemicals are not your cup of tea, nothing beats the old standard of elbow grease. Hot water and a strong dish soap, scrubbed with a tough sponge or steel wool, will take that grease buildup right off. It is more labor intensive than a chemical degreaser, but also much safer.

The Baking Soda Cure
Many homeowners have discovered that baking soda cuts tough grease just as well as a chemical. Simply mix a few tablespoons of baking soda with warm water to create a paste. The resulting paste should be similar in consistency to toothpaste. Once the paste is mixed up, use your fingers to rub the baking soda mixture onto the glass in a circular motion. Once all of the glass is covered, let the paste sit for 15 minutes. After the allotted time, use a damp, warm rag to wipe the dried paste off of the glass. The built up grease will come off with the paste.

Vinegar to the Rescue
Vinegar has many household uses, for both cleaning and disinfecting in and around the home. A quick and easy way to keep the glass on your oven door from getting too dirty is to spray the glass (inside and out) with vinegar and then wipe it off after each use. This will prevent too much grease from building up over time.


Hope you enjoyed our guide on how to best clean oven glass, and be sure to share it with friends or family who might need it!

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