How to clean air vents

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how to clean air vents

How and why you should be cleaning your air vents

Obliviously the air you breath in is very important and can have consequences on your health in general and certainly potential allergies. One way to help with this is to ensure that the air vents within your home are kept clean. Also, by keeping these vents as clean as possible you will save money on your electric bill as the heating and/or air conditioner systems will work more efficiently.

You will need to equip yourself to remove the following from the vents: dust, dirt, hair, dander, spider webs, pollen and many more particles. Follow the steps below on how to clean air vents and you should have clean air around the house in no time.

  1. Before accessing any of the air vents, you will want to shut off the electric and/or air conditioner systems, to avoid any problems or getting hurt.
  2. Then with a screwdriver, you should be able to easily remove the grills covering these vents.
  3. First, start cleaning the grates with a brush of your choice. You might want to use water and soap if it is very dirty. Also, cleaning wipes can work very well for this job.
  4. Next, it’s time to vacuum. It is important to use a powerful vacuum cleaner for this job. You might consider renting one for a few hours to make sure it can suck out all the mildew and/or mold growing within the vents-ducks so that this operation is truly successful.
  5. The grills everywhere around the house should be cleaned. If there are located in an area difficult to reach, like the ceiling, for example, you can use the broom to remove some dust or debris.

You should normally clean the air vents and ducts every 3 years or so. However, if you do work on renovation projects around the house, the chances of excessive dust in your vents is greater, so make sure you do clean them shortly after. If you just moved into a new home, unless you are certain that the air vents were cleaned recently, don’t hesitate to have them cleaned or clean them yourself. If you do suspect the presence of mold in the air vents, make sure you take a closer look quickly and take the appropriate measures to eliminate it.

Finally, if you don’t have time or you can’t seem to clean the vents thoroughly like you wish because you don’t have the right equipment or other reason, it is worth it to call a professional. If you like our “How to clean air vents” guide then be sure to check out our other helpful articles on home cleaning.

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