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How to Clean Painted Walls

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Cleaning painted walls is not a difficult task, but you must be careful when doing it. You don’t want to mess up the paint. In this article, we’ll tell you how to clean painted walls so you know just what to do, when.

  1. Line the floor with plastic. This will prevent damage from excess water or spills.
  2. Take your vacuum cleaner and use the brush attachment to remove loose dirt and/or cobwebs from the wall. Do not push the brush attachment onto the surface of the wall. It could leave marks. Be gentle and allow the vacuum’s suction to lift the dirt away from your walls.
  3. Start at the top of the wall (you will probably need a ladder to help you). Clean from side to side and from top to bottom in sections as you work around the room.
  4. Make sure your bucket is filled to at least a half or 2/3 with warm water.
  5. Add enough detergent to create a few bubbles. Adding too much detergent will make the walls sticky and this will attract more dirt.
  6. Dip the sponge in water and squeeze out the excess.
  7. Wipe the wall down as in step three and stop to wet and rinse the sponge often.
  8. Use a dry towel to wipe up excess moisture as you work.

Now this is a basic cleaning method for painted walls. When cleaning painted walls, the type of paint makes a difference in how you clean. General purpose enamels, which are in most bathrooms and kitchens, are stain resistant and can handle a moderate scrubbing. Don’t use abrasive cleansers or colored scrub pads – they can scratch. Flat latex, which is used on many household walls, is not as washable as an enamel paint. Heavy-duty cleansers or hard scrubbing can remove the paint, along with the dirt. Use mild detergent and gentle scrubbing. Don’t let solutions sit on the paint for longer than a minute.

We hope that these tips help you clean your painted walls. Maids Around Town can’t clean your entire wall, but we can clean what we can reach without a ladder. Give us a call in Austin at 512-782-4578, Houston at 832-930-3210 or San Antonio at 210-625-8277. We’re here for you!

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