How to clean your air conditioner

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How to clean your air conditioner yourself

Cleaning your air conditioner could potentially avoid you some problems down the road and also some additional expenses. It is actually simpler than most people think to maintain your air conditioner. The least you can do, of course, is to change your air filters once a month and make sure to get the right fitting. First of all, you have to recognize that your air conditioner is made of two main parts: the condenser and the evaporator. The condenser is the outdoor unit, and the evaporator is the inside unit. You can clean both of these sections routinely and save an amount of about $100 doing so. On top of saving money, you will help significantly you’re A/C unit functioning properly, so your house can be cool at all times.

Now you can choose to automatically clean your unit periodically (twice a year), or if you notice that your air conditioner is blowing warmer air than usual, before calling a specialist, you could try the following.

Here are the proper steps to clean the Condenser

  • Turn off the power of A/C.

  • Vacuum all outside debris on the condenser.

  • Straight up the fins if needed with a butter knife.

  • Remove the fan after unscrewing the top. Pull out all debris also and clean the inside with a cloth.

  • Also clean the fins next, and you can do so by using a hose and spraying from inside out.

  • Once all clean, you can restart the condenser.

  • When you turn the power back on, make sure you adjust the thermostat to cool and wait for the compressor to come back on.

Then you can proceed with the inside cleaning of the evaporator by:

  • First of all, make sure you turn off the thermostat switch and shut off the electricity by the air handler.

  • You can then start by cleaning the evaporator coils after removing, of course, the coils access panel (unscrewing).

  • You can clean this portion of the unit by using a vacuum and it is recommended to wear protection glasses to avoid getting a large amount of dust in your eyes.

  • You can also clean the coils with a brush pretty well, without having to use chemicals.

  • Note that there are some commercial cleaners available if you wish to use them, and please use them as directed on the instructions.

  • The condensation drain tube is one part of the indoor unit you can clean by pouring in a solution bleach and water (ratio of 1/16).

  • Also, you can use a pipe cleaner to remove any debris from the drain port before reinstalling the drain tube.

  • Turn back the power on once everything is back into place.


Thanks for reading this guide on how to clean your air conditioner! Be sure to let family and friends know if they need help with their A/C’s too!

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