How to Clean your Attic

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How to Clean your Attic

Cleaning your attic really involves a two steps process: organizing and then cleaning. Since it is a room that you don’t visit very often, you should simplify your life by making sure things are easy to clean and find when you do.

Your attic is usually an excellent storage space for your Holiday decorations, out of season household items, additional small appliances, small furniture or even trunks full of memorable souvenirs. Maybe you also like to store your multiple years of tax records or any documents you don’t need access on a regular basis. Think of your attic as a small store, where you go grab what you need once in a while. Also, remember you might send the kids or your spouse up there, so the more organized it is, the more chances they will come back with the right item.

The first tip, don’t keep anything you have not used in over 2 years, of course, unless we are talking about childhood memories or very valuable items. Anything small and breakable should be boxed and properly labeled. Also, it is a good idea to buy some of those storage drawers’ organizers to properly organize any objects or goods that belong together. For example, all your Christmas ornaments or all your sewing supplies should be stored in the same area for easier access. In addition, make sure that you can walk around your attic with ease and physically access everything.

Once you have spent time reorganizing your attic. It’s time to clean it. It is not only a good idea to do it, as part of your bi-yearly cleaning routine but also to keep your house as free as possible of allergens. Obviously, you will want to get a good duster, type Swiffer and make sure you have plenty of refill cloths. Make sure you clean the light bulbs or fixtures if any, floor and window frames and fan blades if needed.

Next, make sure you do look for potential mold. If you suspect mold, you can certainly require the help of a certified indoor air quality professional. But you should start by a simple personal inspection, look for holes in the walls, around the cracked pans of a window or any corner where you can smell, see or possibly detect mold. Prevention is the best solution, and you should make sure that your sealants are done properly, it will also eliminate most of the unwanted insects.

Make sure you sweep, vacuum and then clean the flooring appropriately. Look for the best floor cleaner depending on the type flooring you have in the attic. Now, the scent of the cleaner is not as important as its efficiently, because remember you will not be hanging out in that room on a daily basis. Spread this simple guide on how to clean your attic to any family or friends with a cluttered unorganized attic.

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