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How to clean your blender: easy as 1.2.3.

Are you sometimes hesitating to use your blender because you dislike cleaning it so much? Don’t deprive yourself of smoothies or milkshakes anymore. Here are a few easy tips or solutions on how to clean your blender to make it ready to be used again in no time.

With lemon

If you clean your blender thoroughly each time you use it and still see some stains on it, this might be caused simply by the use of hard water when washing it. Try lemon. Put warm water, a drop of dishwashing soap and chopped lemon in the blender and run it for a few minutes only. You will not only be delighted by the smell but the efficiently of this idea.

With Vinegar

Vinegar can also be an ingredient used for the rough hard water spots left on your blender. Mix it with water and also a little dishwashing soap. It has been suggested also that baking soda mixed with vinegar and some water is pretty effective. After adding all the components in the jar, run the blender for a few at high speed and rinse carefully.


This might not be everyone’s favorite. However, if you used some ingredients in the blender leaving a very powerful smell or if simply have some very persistent stains, this can be a valid solution. Simply put about 6 squirts of bleach in the blender’s jar and let is sit for 5 minutes. Of course, rinse it completely a few times before using again.

Dishwashing soap

You can use some dishwasher soap by itself with a few cups of hot water to clean up your blender. Let the jar soak for a few hours, and use a sponge to scrub if needed. Also, after using any of the cleaning methods suggested, you can certainly always run the blender jar in the dishwasher for additional cleaning.

Now, even if sometimes it will be enough to rapidly clean your blender without taking it apart, you do want to do so once in a while to clean each part individually.

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