How to Clean your Blinds

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How to Clean Your Blinds


Whether you have vertical, Venetian, fabric, plastic or wooden blinds below are some great green tips on cleaning your blinds.

Follow these tips and maintaining your blinds will never be a chore again.

If blinds are just a little dusty then use an allergen cloth and work across each slat working from top to bottom. Never use plastic based dusters on blinds.

If your blinds are more than a little dusty then use the hose end or brush attachment of your vacuum and work across each slat for best results.

Use a damp rubber sponge firmly working across on vinyl and fabric to remove residue and excess dust. If your fabric blinds are really dirty then take them to a renowned dry cleaner.

For on the spot quickness spray a non-chemical cleaner like Biokleen onto a new allergen dry cloth and simply clean the dirty area. Always spray onto a cloth and never directly onto a blind, so you can control the amount of cleaner used. Plus it can be a bit harsh when sprayed directly, the cloth moistens it first

For vertical blinds obviously, you need to work up and down but only use a downward motion as this prevents the slats coming unhooked.

Wooden blinds can take a little moisture but don’t ever soak them through.

Metal blinds are a slightly different story as the need to be taken down. The best method is to lay them on a clean tarp and use nonchemical soapy water and use a brush with side to side action then carefully turn them over and do the same on the reverse. For rinsing down use a gentle garden hose and then wipe down with a cotton sock, ensuring you get into the corners where residue can hide. Dry them off over a clean fence, or strong washing line.


Do not wash your blinds in the tub.

Do not spray them with a strong hose like you use for your car.

Never use harsh cleaners as they could damage the material.


Follow these simple steps on how to clean your blinds and your house will have a much better appearance.

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