How to clean your pillows

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How to clean your pillows

You probably wish that it was easy as 1-2-3 to clean your pillows. Different pillows require different attention. Depending on their components, pillows will define the type of care they demand. However, because you do lay your head every night on them, it is important that you keep them as clean as the rest of the linen you use. It is recommended to wash your pillows at least 3 times a year and replace them every other year or so. To find out if it’s time for you to replace your pillows, try the following: fold your pillow in half and if it’s springing back into shape, you are good to go.

Polyester, feather-filled pillows, and down pillows

You can wash this kind of pillows in your washing machine without too much trouble usually. You should plan to wash two pillows at the same time to balance off your washer. Place them vertically and not around the agitator to avoid any damages. Use a gentle detergent and make sure you press the air out of the pillow before proceeding. Select a delicate wash cycle and allow the pillows to go through a second rinse cycle. When it’s time to dry them, select a low heat setting. A trick that you might like: insert a tennis ball in a sock and put it in the dryer, it will help soaking in some of the exceeding moisture from your pillows.

Foam Pillows

The bad news here, it’s never a good idea to wash your foam pillows in the washer, it will be very difficult to get the water out properly. However, you can also safely vacuum them with a small upholstery tool. Also, put your foam pillow in the dryer air only cycle once in a while with a dryer sheet to freshen it up. It is recommended to read the care instructions and follow them individually. Some manufacturers will suggest washing your foam pillow by hand.

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