How to Hire a Good Maid Service (I. Before Calling Maid Companies)

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When you are looking for maid services, it’s really important to find a ‘good’ maid service company. A good maid service doesn’t only mean it is affordable but also provides a good service as well and it is pretty difficult for people who haven’t tried using maid services before. Here are a few steps for you to follow if you want to choose a right maid service that suits you the best.

1. Check The Checklist First.

You may only choose to have the service tackle particularly tough spots in your home, such as the kitchen and main bathroom. Some families want the house cleaned from top to bottom. You’ll also need to decide whether you expect services that may go beyond standard cleanings, such as wiping down the baseboards or washing the windows.

note) Many services will not clean windows, as they don’t want to create streaks or damage on your windows. You may need to turn to a professional for this.

2. Estimate How Long It Will Take To Clean Your House

Most cleaning services will ask you how big your house is, how many bedrooms and bathrooms it contains, and what kind of routine cleaning you usually do. Each company has different criteria in hours but normally, one bedroom and one bathroom take about two and a half hours to clean, and kitchens take another 1-2 hours. Ask the cleaning company that you want to

3. Decide how often you want your service to clean.

Depending on your family’s needs, you may only need the service to come once or twice a month. If you have a bigger budget and a busier schedule, you might opt for more frequent visits. You can also create an alternating weekly schedule that directs the cleaners to clean different rooms every other time they visit. Usually, if you get a regular cleaning, cleaning companies offer you a better rate for the service. You can ask for any discount options available for you when you call the maid service.

4.Buy your own cleaning supplies if you have a preference.

Because they’re more expensive, most cleaners will not clean with natural cleaning solutions. If you don’t want chemical cleaners used in your home, or if you have special cleaners you prefer, you’ll likely need to provide these to the service.

note) You may be able to negotiate a lower fee with the service if you provide your own cleaners. Ask potential services if they’d be willing to have this conversation with you.


Cleaning Budget Image

Cleaning Budget

5. Define your budget.

Before you start calling potential cleaning services, examine your finances. Make sure you know exactly how much you’re able and willing to pay companies. This will help you say no to companies that are out of your price range while also allowing you to make informed decisions about which services you can afford.

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