How to make grout cleaner

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How to make an effective grout cleaner

You can, of course, find many cleaners on the market that will promise you to clean the grout in your kitchen or bathroom properly. Why waste a lot of money on that type of cleaner when you can actually obtain some very efficient grout cleaner by simply mixing a few ingredients. Here is how to make grout cleaner:

Baking soda and bleach solution

First of all, try baking soda and bleach. You should use the following ratio: 3 baking soda for 1 bleach (so ¾ cup for ¼ cup). Make sure you have a scrub brush or even better and old toothbrush handy. You should obtain a thick pasta once you mix the components together and apply it to the grout lines. Let it sit for at least 10 or 15 minutes before proceeding to the next step. Then scrub it and let it sit another 10 minutes before rinsing. You should see the best results when the grout is completely dry. Be careful because you are handling bleach: wear gloves and makes sure the clothes you are wearing and the rag you are using can be used around bleach.


If you rather not use bleach, mix together vinegar and hot water. Pour the mix into a spray bottle. Apply on the grout area that you are wanting to clean. Wait at least 10 minutes after spraying. Use a brush to scrub the dirt or mildew stains.

Rubbing alcohol

This solution is pretty good if you are actually looking for a way to simply maintain your grout clean on a regular basis. It might not remove though stains, but if you wipe your grout with rubbing alcohol and rinse it off, you will be surprised how less mildew will form.

Hydrogen peroxide

This item can be purchased at any drugstore, you probably already have a bottle at home. Either you use it straight on the grout or mixed with baking soda, it is a great alternative to the other options listed above to keep your grout clean.


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