How to Make Your Own Homemade Cleaners

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Maids Around Town uses brand-name cleaners like PineSol, Lysol and 409. We stand by these products, but understand if you want to use more homemade cleaners. Homemade cleaners have one big advantage – you control the use of chemicals in your home with them. As more and more people become eco-friendly and want to get chemicals out of their homes, we thought we’d give you a couple of recipes for creating homemade cleaners.


Glass cleaner – great for windows and mirrors


  • 2 cups water
  • ½ cup white or cider vinegar
  • ¼ cup rubbing alcohol at a 70% concentration
  • 1 to 2 drops of orange essential oil. (This is to give the solution a nice smell. If you don’t care what it smells like, you can skip this ingredient.)

How to use: Combine ingredients and store in a spray bottle. Spray on paper towel or a soft cloth first, then put it on the glass. Don’t use this cleanser on a hot, sunny day because the solution will dry too quickly, leaving lots of streaks.


Heavy-duty scrub – good for rust stains on porcelain or enamel sinks and tubs



  • Half a lemon
  • ½ cup borax (you can find it in the detergent aisle. It’s considered a laundry booster.)

How to use: Dip the lemon into the borax and scrub surface. Then, rinse. Note that it is not safe for marble or granite.


Grease Cleaner – works best on oven hoods and grills

  • ½ cup sudsy ammonia (this has detergent in it, which will get rid of grime)
  • Water – enough to fill a one-gallon container with the ½ cup sudsy ammonia.

How to use: Dip a sponge or mop in solution and wipe over surface. Afterwards rinse the area with clean water.


All-Purpose Cleaner and Deodorizer – great for kitchen counters, appliances and inside the refrigerator



  • 4 tbsp. baking soda
  • 1 qt. warm water

How to use: Pour the solution on a sponge and wipe the surface you need to clean.


We hope these recipes help you make some great homemade cleaners. Don’t feel like cleaning yourself? Well, then we invite you to set up an appointment online with Maids Around Town. We can also be reached at 512-742-5478 in Austin or 832-930-3210 in Houston.


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