How to Sanitize Sponges

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How to sanitize sponges

If there is a cleaning item that seems to absorb all bacteria and germs, it is a sponge. So, it is crucial for you to sanitize your sponges that you want to keep reusing over again. Now, you have to be able to recognize and be in peace when it’s time to throw away your sponges. If you had them for a while or they are deteriorating when you try to clean them, just go to your closest supermarket or department store and purchase new ones. You certainly don’t want to clean your house or office using bacteria-filled sponges, or some that can’t scrub properly. Here are some simple methods on how to sanitize sponges:

Bleach soaking solution

Yes, bleach is known to kill everything. Can it also help with cleaning sponges? Absolutely! Put ¾ cup of bleach in a gallon of water, or you can use smaller ratio if you have just a few small sponges. You need to let the sponges soak in for five minutes. This method should be the most efficient of all.


This method is certainly worth a try. Emerge the sponge in water and heat up on high from one to two minutes, depending on the type and size of the sponge. Keep an eye on the operation.


This next cleaning solution is not bad either. As the other two above, the results in killing bacteria is usually higher than 99%. Simply put your sponge in your dishwasher with a regular load on a heating dry setting.

Vinegar or ammonia

Soaking your old sponges in either vinegar or ammonia can also be pretty efficient. Make sure you leave the sponge in the soaking solution for at least 5 minutes.

Washing machine

Some people use the washing machine, however, it has not been proven as effective as any other methods mentioned above. Your pick!


Now that you know how to sanitize sponges, there should be no excuse for spreading around dirty sponge bacteria all over your kitchen!

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