Make your home smell amazing in 10 simple ways

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Make your home smell amazing in 10 simple ways

A good fragrant house makes you feel good about your own residence. There are days when we are too busy taking care of other things and do not bother about lack of freshness in the house. One way is to keep it clean and neat, if not possible by self or hiring a maid from Austin TX maid services reviews can be an option. But when you are expecting some guests or if you want to make your spouse feel special or even when there is no reason, these easy ways will solve the purpose.

  1. Stove potpourri

Put some cinnamon sticks or citrus slices or any fresh herb like mint or basil or any other flavor in a saucepan of water and keep it on low flame on the stove top. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to leave your home full with fragrance.

  1. Place indoor plants

Indoor plants are a perfect way to keep the air inside the house fresh and soothing. They spread a natural aroma and are also good for decorating the corners of the rooms. You can also place dry or fresh sticks of eucalyptus in a vase which leaves a pleasant smell all around. They look beautiful too.

  1. Candle magic

Placing aromatic candles is one of the most common ways to make your house smell amazing. Apart from lighting them in your rooms, candles can also be placed in between your wardrobes to give a pleasant smell whenever you open them.

  1. Odors in refrigerator

At times your refrigerator could smell really stale. Simple way is to cut an orange in half, empty the section and fill it with salt and place it in the refrigerator. Salt absorbs the awful smell from the fridge leaving it full of freshness and citrus fragrance.

  1. Garbage smells

To get rid of the bad smelling garbage bin, chop peels from lemons; place them in an ice cube tray, pour one and a half cups of distilled white vinegar and leave it to freeze. Store them in plastic bag and use them when needed by simply putting it in the bin.

  1. Deodorizing spray

Mix one teaspoon of baking soda, 10-12 drops of aroma oil and water in a spray bottle. Your deodorizing spray is ready.

  1. Bake time

Spread the mouth watering smell by baking something in your oven. Try this specially when expecting guests. It leaves your house full with its pleasant smell.

  1. Pine freshener

When on a trip to a hilly area collect the dried pine cones and use them as a natural room freshener by placing them in a bowl and pouring a few drops of scented oil over them.

  1. Use tea bags

Hang a couple of tea bags in any room and keep on refilling them with your favorite aroma oil when needed

  1. Baking soda surprise

Place a bowl of baking soda in your unused or antique furniture to get rid of that typical smell.

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