Give your home spring by seeds in eggshells

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seeds in eggshells

Give your home spring by seeds in eggshells

Spring is on its way! Want to find new ways to celebrate? Bring spring into your home by making a mini garden. A great way is by planting seeds in eggshells.  If you have children, it helps them to see nature grow right before their eyes and that mean you don’t need to visit a botanical garden to observe plant life. Grab your seeds and we’ll show you how to get started!


Things you will need


Egg Carton



Scratch awl or sharp-ended things

Water Sprayer (optional)



1. Rinse eggshells saved from meals.

2. Poke a small drainage hole in the bottom of each eggshell.

3. Place the eggshells onto egg carton.

4. Fill soil up to two-thirds of the eggshells.

5. Put two or three seeds on the top of each eggshell.

6. Add a small amount of soil to cover the seeds. Be careful not to put much soil. Thick soil layer top of the seeds will take longer to germinate.

7. Water seeds enough to moisturized but not soaked. Using a spritzer bottle is helpful.

8. Wait for germination. If you want to give your seeds a jumpstart, warmth them. Put them in a warm place or cover the eggshells with the egg carton to give the greenhouse effect.

9. When the seeds sprout, break the eggshells and transplant.


Bloom your flowers or let seeds sprout to invite spring at home. It gives you not only a greeny scene but also a psychological feeling of stability and satisfaction. You’ll notice your mood will be more positive with live plants around your home. Also planting in eggshells is eco-friendly, once they grow large enough you can transfer to a small pot, with the shell. This project has four Es: Easy, Economical, Eco-friendly, and Educational.


seeds in eggshells


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