The Best Pre-Thanksgiving Cleaning Tips

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The Best Pre-Thanksgiving Cleaning Tips

Now, you know for sure you will have to clean up after your thanksgiving feast. Scrub your pots and pans and possibly the whole house if your guests stayed over for a few days. But this article won’t help you with the aftermath, it will help you get ready for your Thanksgiving Holiday. You will find a few tips, advice that will hopefully help you make your life easier, and cleaner before this very celebrated Holiday.

Planning is everything. And you will definitely make your life a little easier by doing so in preparation for this family gathering. Make a cleaning inventory of your house.

Take a good look at your house before Thanksgiving. Does it need a lot of cleaning? What areas do you need the most help with? You know you will use your kitchen extensively. If your counters and drawers are organized, you will make this Holiday cooking tasks much smoother. Take the time to make sure your baking accessories are accessible and clean. Reorganize ahead if needed your pantry, because you will fill it up with new supplies. Your refrigerator? Most likely it can use a cleanup and you would benefit from doing it before the Holiday gets there. You will avoid being overwhelmed after the fact because between you and me, it will only get dirtier. Don’t be afraid to throw away what you haven’t used in over 6 months or a year.

If you don’t mind skipping the tradition of fancy dishes, opt for disposable dishes. You will save so much time. You can now find very pretty disposable plates, cups, and silverware and you will not regret this choice. Also, cook your ham and turkey in foil disposable pans as well, avoid at all cost the long hours of scrubbing.

Recruit your spouse and children to help to prepare for this Holiday. Have them clean their own room and help decorate or bake with you. Occupy the children by asking them to draw a few turkeys or write down what they are thankful for. This will make great displays on your refrigerator.

Finally, take a deep breath. Get enough rest and remember that your loved ones visiting can be a great help, so accept it. You don’t have to do this alone, this is what Thanksgiving is all about! Let your extended family or friends know about these “Best Pre-Thanksgiving Cleaning Tips”!

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